Sunday 28 February 2010

Live & Let Live Intro

Well, well, let's get this lifestyle thing rolling. Some years ago I thought this is all a bit rubbish, an empty phrase ... now I am on that train myself. And I am there because change was definitely needed in my life, back then. Oh gosh, was I miserable from all the pains my body had accumulated, and the lack of drive and fun. To turn the wheel round, I knew about quite a few things myself - it just needed DOING them, but I picked up a lot of good ideas from friends and this wonderful thing called the internet as well.

I still find a lot of things to fret about, things I would like to achieve, or which I like to be different, but I have come a long way, I gained quite a bit of experience, and I just want to add my own two pennies to the subject.

Along the way I might have discovered the one or the other thing that could be useful for others. I always was a quite good cook - so I was told, I always was interested in how the body works and how to make it work well for me, I always liked to be creative in many ways - and now that I have done a lot of experiments to I am passing on my wisdom.

And here is the first video I created for the YouTube Video Blog explaining the idea.

The same is true for this blog. Just that here the videos will go along with some text like recipes and links. So stay tuned for more!