ILP Motif

A person's actions should not be driven by wanting to be understood or wanting to be loved,
but by respect for others. 

People have different backgrounds, perceptions and expectations, and hence it is not possible to please everybody. If I take everything that I know into account and I give it my best shot, then whatever the  problem somebody might have with it: It is their problem, not mine.

However well I try to explain myself and how I see the world, there will be:

People who do not listen to me, or will misunderstand what I am suggesting.

All I can do is to open doors for them! They will have to open their eyes to see the doors, and they then will have to decide whether or not they want to go through it. It is not worth fretting about waisted time and effort if their decision is not to my liking. It is their choice, not mine!

Whatever I do:

There will be people whose perceptions and expectations are not matching my choices.

I may be eating the wrong things, believing the wrong things, wearing the wrong things, doing the wrong things... WRONG! There is no 'wrong' there is only 'different', and respecting those differences is the key to love.

All I can do is to be true to myself, to respect others, and to be aware, that although I deserve the same respect, I might not get it. It is not worth fretting about the disrespect of others, as this is their lack of integrity, not mine.

And most of all:

Age doesn't have anything to do with it!

Respect is an essential ingredient of life that should be granted the youngest child and the oldest person. The greatest gift to receive is respect, as it gives incredible freedom and joy. Let's be generous with it!

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