Wednesday 27 July 2011

Back to the School Bench

Oh wow! Where to publish this?

It definitely is about a change of lifestyle, but being it my lifestyle it is very personal as well, and it is a challenge... that makes it at least three of my blogs where it would fit in. As any of those is as good as the other, I chose the one that jumped into my mind first: Lifestyle.

 As of today I am officially back at school. I just collected my books for learning on how to become a Personal Trainer.

A good decade after I had promised myself to never ever do an exam again, ... I am putting myself into the situation of taking an exam again. They call it assessment these days, but I guess it's pretty much the same. At age 50 I seem to think it a good idea to take the risk of being told that I am rubbish in what I am doing... and the person who will tell me might well be at the age of a hypothetical child of mine if not younger. At university it was bad enough to get the verdict from an old-ish person... oh what am I doing again?

At least this time I know what I want this exam... sorry assessment, for. My own business has just come a bit closer. I hope it's worth it!

So here I am, like a little schoolgirl at the beginning of the new term, looking for a nice folder to put everything in, and organising my timetable. Oh please, cross fingers for me that I won't open these books and don't understand a word that is said in them.

Will keep you posted.