Thursday, 27 January 2011

Being crafty

... in the true sense of the word, dears! I am not going to attempt anything dubious.

My craft is born out of clumsiness. The lady of the mansion once tried her best to prove herself as plumber, fixing an almost blocked drain. Which means to go to Tescos, buy the most poisonous stuff you can find, and poor. Previous trials however had shown that a piece of plastic hose used as replacement of the syphon - don't question the plumbing in our house too much, German and English appliances just don't mix well - so this piece of hose already uses the better part of a bottle. 

And that is where the plumbing skill comes in: Remove the drainage hose, get a thin one and fiddle it in until the blockage is reached, and bring the poison straight to the source of the problem. 

And that is where the clumsiness comes in: Drain pipe fills up quicker than expected, poison runs into cupboard, backlock in the hose, trying to wipe, forgetting to keep everything straight, pouring bleachy poison over one of my favourite shirts. Big blotch on the shoulder and some streaks on the arm.

And that is where craftiness comes in: Take shirt, fill syringe with bleach (so far without the needle, but will keep that option in mind), and start doodeling.

Well, I probably should have thought harder about a pattern, it is a bit sperm-ish... but it worked!

Ta Ta

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