Monday, 10 January 2011

But it's not fair!

This last article about 'vulnerability' kept me thinking.

Take the check-out lady at Tescos who annoyed me so much that I had to write an article about it; even if I manage not to be offended anymore, I will not use her check-out in the future. If others have a similar experience they will start avoiding her too, meaning that altogether she will be working less and will somehow be rewarded for her bad behaviour. Or take this claim that husbands are deliberately clumsy, so that they will not be asked again to use household appliances like hoovers, dumping the workload on the rest of the family.

It's not fair, is it?

Thing just is, that nobody ever said that life is fair, or that the world would be a fair place to live in. Another thing one might want to remember is, that each medal has two sides. It is up to every single one of us to strive for fairness, and I am not excluding myself.

I remember when we went to spy out the Bodybuilding Competition last summer I couldn't help but criticise the winner for having quite some lose skin around the rear. Well, I personally don't find that appealing, and I hate it on myself. Given that I want to be on that stage next year, the sight of her imperfections might have opened a door to my vulnerability. Again! This is a problem in my head, and not in hers. So who am I to judge her? In criticising her, I am nowhere better than the check-out lady. When I will be on that stage this year there will be people who despise of the idea altogether, people who will love it however I look and will praise me for my daringness, and people who will criticise that I am not good enough to take part. Should I be bothered? No! Should I work hard to be at my best to deliver a good show? Yes!

It might be an idea to remember that the thing or the situation we are looking down at today, may be what we will be facing tomorrow. It might be a good idea to remember that things that we despise of we might either not fully understand, or that it might make us vulnerable and hence we block it off. It might be a good idea for us as individuals to strive for fairness rather than asking for it to be provided on a silver tray, even if that means exposing ourselves! I believe in the good in people, I am pretty sure that the rough edges of the check-out lady have their source in feeling inadequate as well.

It is now up to the people who already grasped the concept to take the action, to become daring and to embrace vulnerability. I might just chose her check-out next time and see what will happen. If I could make her smile, that would be a start.

And now take that darn hoover, and don't forget the corners! 

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